mca public relations Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
who we are

We are rare—not in a Himalayan snow leopard sense, but the kind of rarity where after more than two decades in the industry, we embrace change and instead of simply trying to "reach our target audience" we find ways to make meaningful connections.

We are overachievers with high expectations—a diverse team of honor students, recyclers, sports stars, and people that floss everyday. It's a way of doing things that's infused in everything we do. And for our clients, that means effective solutions delivered with the unparalleled service that is a part of our DNA.

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, a crossroads where creativity and brilliance intersect. This contagious energy drives our yin-yang approach, where exceptional client coverage is the result of compelling messaging and a customized balance of global and local media outreach. Through our partner agencies, MCA's global reach spans Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

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