mca public relationsTo be a star, you must shine your own light


Lighting. It’s a part of everyday life that often goes unnoticed… until it goes out. Today, high-quality light is integral to the overall performance of commercial, industrial and residential environments. For retail and hospitality businesses, lighting has become a key ingredient in their “secret sauce” for success. For the first time in over a century, this once-static industry is being radically transformed by a wide range of new technologies. 

Our team stands at the forefront of this new world—using our industry knowledge, creativity and initiative to illuminate the new realities of this growing market. Many don’t understand the industry’s complex web of interconnections or its new value proposition. We do. That’s why we can elevate key messages and concepts above the noise—quality of light, energy efficiency, elimination of IR and UV, low maintenance, and the role of smart lighting in creating affordable smart buildings, to name just a few.

MCA, anticipating this market and seeing the potential, has built a solid-state lighting (SSL) practice, engaging firms that address each part of the SSL ecosystem—from manufacturing, to LED chips, to lighting design—to tell a comprehensive story to the media. We’re experts at creating messages that make sense to a broad range of media and investors, positioning clients as leaders, innovators and luminaries. Now, we’re using that expertise to shed light on one of the hottest—and coolest—areas in the high-tech arena.